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The Mystic High Adventures of Fannie Flame & Crew      A Memoir

    Never, tell a redhead she can't do something, especially if her heart 
                  is set on a dream!
Claudia Hagen, a redhead, saw a hot air balloon for the first time and had to have one. The foolish pilot told her, "Women can't fly balloons." Big mistake!
        One year later, she had her own balloon, commercial balloon pilot license, and won her    first competition.                      
                    "The Mystic High Adventures of Fannie Flame & Crew"
is a behind-the-scenes look at Claudia's struggles and triumphs while floating over and through twelve years of ballooning.
                               Hilarious, heart warming, and history making.

               Follow your dreams ~ Seek your passion ~ Find your joy
         The book is over 300 pages including 12 pages of color photos and resource pages.  
                                                   $20.00 includes postage/handling

The Night A Fortress Fell To Fairfield
                   (Revised Edition)
                     Where were you February 3, 1943 when the Fortress Fell?    

While on a routine ferrying flight from Great Falls, Montana, to Ephrata, Washington, a massive B-17 Flying Fortress tangled with an unexpected blizzard. The blizzard won.
Dubbed the Fairfield Fortress by the author, the bomber crashed its way into the lives of its crew, a farm family, and the small wheat farming town of Fairfield, Washington.  

The farm family belongs to the author: her grandparents, father, and aunt. She weaves their story with the factual records from the crew and townspeople as well as interesting facts about the B-17 bomber and life during WWII. One crewman from this incredible story is alive today at age 95, George Kallio. He drew the covers for the book and with his historian, Gary Simmons, contributed greatly to this true story.

"It was such a tiny incident for a nation at war, but it left a mark on so many lives, in so may ways," states the author. This is a small book with a big story!

                                          *Currently available on Amazon.com

                                 Hanford's Secret Clouds of Despair

    A nonfiction book of epic, historical proportions, full of secrets, intrigue, 
            hot & cold wars, aliens, spies, mayhem, heartache, & loss.

   Hanford, Washington was the home of plutonium production needed for the birth of the Atomic Age. As a result, Hanford is now one of the most toxic, contaminated places on earth.

    Without their knowledge, those living downwind of Hanford have been the most irradiated civilians in U.S. history while plutonium production was underway. Dangers remain to this day while cleanup attempts are being made.

     This book may alarm and disturb you. It may also make you mad as hell, but it will educate you about radiation, exposure to it, government secrets, lies, and cover ups.

       We are all downwinders caught in a silent nuclear holocaust.

                                            $20.00 includes postage/handling


​                          Our Grandma Flies A Hot Air Balloon

                Not very many Grandmas can fly a hot air balloon!

         Join Brady and Morgan for an early morning hot air balloon ride 
                 with their Grandma as the pilot aboard her balloon, 
                                    Our Wayward Wind.

                       Full color illustrated 20 page children's book.
                             Illustrated by Teresa German Feemster
                                    $12.00 includes postage/handling

​           Keely The Rescued Kitty

   Over thirty cats & kittens were dumped in a park near the river. A local pet rescue group gathered all of them & took them to a rescue shelter where they were examined by a veterinarian, spayed/neutered & vaccinated then placed for adoption. Our family adopted one of them. We named her Keely. This is her story!
​                           24 pages with full color photographs.

                           $12.00 includes postage/handling

  Proceeds from the sale of this book are donated to animal rescue groups.

     American Women During WWII

  Combat changed the lives of American men, while home front circumstances shaped a new way of thinking and living for American women. What did the women do to hold our nation together while their men were fighting overseas?

   WWII changed American society forever by giving birth to the women's revolution and the atomic age. Both were explosive in their own right and changed the world forever.

         428 pages with black & white era photos throughout.

               * Currently available on Amazon.com
Tonight We Fly! The Soviet Night Witches of WWII

     The Soviet Night Witches were the most extraordinary and historically significant female fighting forces during WWII. These young women became the first in the world to fly combat missions, the first "stealth bombers" in the truest sense of the term, and some of the most feared pilots during the war. They were also the most highly decorated regiment in the Soviet Air Force. 
                        AND, there was no witchcraft involved!

                  253 pages with black & white era photos throughout.

                        * Currently available on Amazon.com 
             Summer on the Diamond as the 
               1966 Modesto Reds Bat Girl

          The return of Minor League baseball to Modesto, California 
           in 1966 was historical, became record setting and legendary.
     The mighty collection of Reggie Jackson, Joe Rudi, Rollie Fingers, 
            Dave Duncan, Tony La Russa, and other young players, 
                      all had Major League stars in their eyes. 
         The team also had the first ever, in professional baseball, 
                      redheaded Bat Girls.  I was one of them! 
          We all worked together that year sweeping through the 
        California League taking the 1966 League Championship.

            The names have not been changed to protect the innocent,                because we were all guilty!  Guilty of an awesome experience 
       and a baseball season never to be forgotten by players, fans and 
                                              this Bat Girl.  
                                 This is how it all happened.

                    343 pages with black & white photos throughout.

                       *Currently available on Amazon.com 

     America's Top Secret "Rosies"                     During World War II

  Rosie the Riveter became an American icon during WWII.  There were other Rosies during WWII we know little about.

They were the thousands of top secret Rosies held by an Oath of Secrecy never to reveal to anyone what they had done during the war.

The Government Girls, Fingerprint Girls, Calutron Girls, 
       the Listeners, spies, scientists, and technicians, 
             all worked secretly to help end the war.

                         Here are their stories.

           372 pages with black & white photos throughout.

              * Currently available on Amazon.com
                  Never Let A Ginger
                    Life as a Redhead
                     Imparting Knowledge
                     Dispelling Myths

                        Redheads are different!
    History has proved it, historians have documented it.
        More and more folks worldwide are beginning 
  to understand and accept that redheads are rare, unique,                   radiant, distinctive, passionate, hopeful, 
                     and undoubtedly legendary. 

              Follow the author's life as a redhead 
        as she imparts knowledge and dispels myths, 
                 all with humor along the way!

            230 pages with black & white photos throughout

               * Currently available on Amazon.com. 
   Will Death Be Our Next Adventure?
         A Nurse's Look At Near-Death &                             Out-of-Body Experiences

      If life is our journey, is death our 
                    next adventure?
      Have you had a near-death experience 
    and watched the scene out-of-your body?
    Did you understand what was happening?
       Have you been present at the moment 
    a loved one died? Did you see the flash of light?  
            Do our beloved pets go to Heaven?

    A nurse and colleagues relate their personal and 
            patient experiences with death, 
        near-death experiences (NDE) and 
          out-of-body experiences (OBE).

      196 pages with black & white photos throughout.

           * Currently available on Amazon.com.

                    The Fritz Ritz
                 German POWs
                  WWII America

      Nearly half a million German prisoners 
         of war were held across America 
                 during World War II. 
   This significant chapter in America's wartime                     experiences should not be forgotten.

       The POWs saved American agriculture.
  There were escape attempts, romances, disputes,                          fights, even murders.
       The time period was a unique experience
                     for all involved. 

      380 pages with black & white photos throughout.

      * Currently available on Amazon.com.