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The Night a Fortress Fell To Fairfield

"What a great story! I did not know many of the facts presented about the famous B-17 bomber - an interesting learning experience. It will make a great movie on the History Channel." John C.
"The book was a great look back at WWII "Home Front" activities and where the actual term came from." Marcia C.
"Nicely written with a bit of history thrown in." Jan F.
"This story was a great reminder that WWII was such a different war than the wars of our lifetime. You also showed the impact war had on every ones lives and how the country seemed to pull together during that time. A great history lesson for our children and grandchildren." Scott S.
"This was a huge part of Fairfield's history. You recorded it beautifully and in vivid detail. Thank you for the time, research, and effort you put into it." Ray B.
The Mystic High Adventures of Fannie Flame & Crew 
"This book brought back soooo many memories, good and bad. What a time that was and how fast it "flew" by. If anyone missed it, it is duly recorded in the book." E.W.
"What a great story of perseverance through so much adversity. This would be a wonderfully inspirational story for young women today, even though there are so many more opportunities for women now than there were then. Congrats. on an extremely well written book." Maxine B. 
"I love the humor sprinkled through each chapter! I especially love the Alpo meatloaf & meatball recipes for troublesome husbands. The Ex-Lax cookies were priceless. Great job! Julie C.
"I found myself rooting for you through the whole book. It was sad at the end. You certainly kept the reader involved in each chapter and wanting to keep the pages turning to see what happened next." Tracy T.
" Makes me want to go for a hot air balloon ride and experience some of the awesome sights and sounds you described." Stephen B.
"I was impressed with how you gave the wheelchair-bound folks their Ah-Ha moments. Very heartfelt and speaks highly of you as a person." Pete J.
                                  Hanford's Secret Clouds of Despair

​                           "This is your best work yet! The reader is presented with credible facts and 
                           encouraged to decide how to proceed with the information discussed. The history 
                           of Hanford is concise and reveals the heartache suffered by the Downwinders. 
                           Showing how the eruption of Mt.St. Helens factored in the discoveries made by the     
                           Downwinders was very interesting and the UFO chapter was very revealing, backed 
                           with facts and documentation. An outstanding look at what the government has done 
                           to its citizens as well as a great read. Congratulations!" Marsha C.

             "How could our own government do that to its people? I'm disgusted with them over the 
            whole nuclear atomic thing. Your book is amazing with facts and details. I really liked how 
            you showed the significance of Mt.St. Helen's eruption on the downwinders figuring out that 
            Hanford was causing all their problems. Very, very interesting book! I'm recommending it to 
            everyone interested in history and the atomic age." Ron G.

​                                                 American Women During WWII

​                             What an amazing and informative book about all the things the American women did during WWII. 
                       Everyone seems to know about Rosie the Riveter, but there was also Wendy the Welder, Sally the Secretary 
                       as well as all the different military women and the nurses. I was not aware that the first women prisoners of 
                       war were Army & Navy nurses serving in the Philippines captured by the Japanese. And the women's 
                       professional baseball players! This should be a must read for high school history classes. 
                       Very well researched and written! I learned a lot! Gary R.

                    The American Women During World War II, amazing book with so many facts it boggles ones mind.
               I had no idea of the extent women played in the WWII theatre and at home. Most think of ‘Rosie the Riveter’ 
              as the main job. You sure put the ladies in a field of their own. I loved reading about all those wonderful gals 
              who really cared about our country no matter where they were. You have certainly established your writing to 
              cover a huge variety of life so many are familiar with or just need to know. Melba S.